June六月號 2021

June六月號 2021

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Dear Friends,

According to CDC, about 80% of US states are seeing declining rates of COVID cases.  The 7-day average of daily new cases is around 15,000, roughly a 30% decrease from the previous week.  Here in LA County, as of June 1, the 7-day average of daily new cases is 725.  We therefore are very excited to announce that Harvest Haven plans to re-open on July 1, 2021! 

Unless there is another spike in new cases, we will slowly bring back all our programs and services.  Initially, we will welcome anyone who has been fully vaccinated to join any of our programs and activities, including all the exercise classes, dance classes, ping pong playing, karaoke singing, etc.  All the classes will gradually restart at the discretion of the instructors.  Our Senior program will restart on July 7.  As a precaution, we currently welcome any seniors over 55 to come as long as they have been fully vaccinated, that will change in the future when the pandemic comes close to an end.

As we restart our programs & services, we desperately need a lot of new volunteers!  We are in need of ESL tutors, Citizenship class tutors, computer tutors for seniors to help them learn the basic use of a smart phones or tablets, like writing e-mails or reading online news, etc.  If you have any special talents you like to share, you are also welcome to start an exercise class or music class etc., etc. and share your knowledge.  We also desperately need volunteers for our Wednesday and Thursday senior programs, no special skills are needed except a loving and caring heart.  If you have a few hours to spare each week and willing to bring happiness to others & touch other people’s lives, please come join us as a volunteer to experience how it is truly ‘More Blessed to Give than to Receive’.  Many of our current volunteers have been with us for way over ten years, we truly need new volunteers to carry the torch to continue to serve our community.   If you or anyone you know are willing to volunteer some time for the good of others, please email us at admin@harvesthaven.org and someone will be in touch with you!

We sincerely hope and pray we will hear from some new volunteers!  May God bless you all! 

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