December十二月號 2020

December十二月號 2020

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Dear Friends,

November and December are usually the very happy and festive months of the year, but COVID has caused this year’s celebrations to be a little different.  However, we know that LOVE, in whatever ways and forms, is still being manifested!  

Our volunteers and supporters of Harvest Haven have continued to exhibit love in many different ways.  Some seniors were so happy to receive our Thanksgiving greeting cards and have called to thank us. Some supporters and volunteers of Harvest Haven have continued to donate gifts and money to show their support.  Others have donated money for Harvest Haven to buy tens of thousands of masks to be donated to local missions which in turn distributed them to the homeless people in different areas of Los Angeles.  Some volunteers have been busy sewing special designed cloth masks, others will be packaging them with our other gifts, including our printed calendars.  Still more volunteers will act as Santa’s to deliver these large gift bags to the seniors before Christmas.  We hope that despite the special situation and our limited resources, we can still bring some smiles and happiness to our senior groups. 

We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Blessed and Merry Christmas and with the cooperation of everyone, may our New Year be COVID free!!

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