September九月號 2020

September 九月號 2020

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Dear Friends,

We hope everyone is safe and healthy and still enjoying the summer with your family. Do go out and get some fresh air but wear a mask in order to protect each other.

Harvest Haven has been trying its best to serve the community even though we are unable to resume all our activities and programs.  We have continued to help people tackle their problems by helping them make phone calls, write emails, etc. from our homes.

We have also organized two different video chats groups for the Cantonese seniors that meet every Wednesday from 9:45am to noon.  After not seeing each other for so long, the seniors and volunteers were extremely happy to finally see each other and had plenty to share about their lives in quarantine.  The 2+ hours video chat time flew by so swiftly each time without a single moment of silence!  

We have also set up a large online group chat for the Mandarin seniors where everyone can share articles, videos, testimonies or simply share their daily lives.  The seniors were extremely happy to be able to keep in touch, learn from each other and support each other.  One senior indicated that she had learned so much that it is like going to an online school. 

Our Annual Fundraising event scheduled for September 13, 2020 has to be cancelled because of the pandemic.  However, our overhead expenses still have to be paid in order not to have to close permanently.  We will be having a modified fundraising this year.  Please see the attached letter for details.  

We sincerely wish everyone a safe and Happy Labor Day weekend!!  May God bless and protect you all!!!

August 2020
RE: 2020 Annual Fundraising 

Dear Friends, 

Harvest Haven, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization established in May, 2004. This year will be our seventeenth year of serving the communities. Our free services include form filling, translation, tax return preparations, informative workshops, two weekly fun meetings for the seniors, monthly Cancer Support Group meetings, visitation of the sick, elderly & the homeless, seniors outings, Happy Times, Saturday Workshops, etc. We also offer free recreation and many special interest classes such as ESL, computer, Praise Dance, Tai Chi, Line Dance, Voice Training, Citizenship, etc. for the benefit of the community. Please visit our newly designed website at for more details. 

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, all our services have been interrupted for the safety of everyone. Besides that, our 16th Annual Fundraising event originally scheduled for September 13, 2020 has also been cancelled. Harvest Haven has no government funding. Our operational expenses such as rents, staff payroll, insurances, utilities, etc. still need to be paid even though our Center cannot be in full operation, we would therefore like to ask for your help in this dire time. 

We would like to invite you to participate as one of our sponsors, and would be greatly honored if you would accept this invitation. We have four levels of sponsorships this year: Diamond ($3,000), Platinum ($1,500), Gold ($1000) and Silver ($500) Sponsorships. There will be special recognition on our website and on the Donor Board at the Center for all our Sponsors. If you are not ready to be one of our sponsors, you can be our special Love Donor ($200). We also welcome any amount of donation to help us out. Tax deductible receipts will be provided at year end. 

Thank you very much for your consideration. May God keep you safe and healthy and bless you abundantly!! 

Harvest Haven Board of Directors 

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「喜禾社區服務中心」成立於2004年五月,是一個政府註冊501(c)(3)非牟利機構, 以服務亞裔大眾為主, 提供多種免費服務及活動。免費服務包括: 為社區人仕填表、翻譯、報稅、諮詢、健康講座、每週兩次的長者週會及午餐、每月「癌友互助會」、關懷探訪病人及長者、長者郊遊、「快樂時光」、等聚會,並提供多樣興趣班如英語、電腦、讚美操、太極、排舞、聲樂、入籍班等等,使社區人仕身心得益。詳情請看我們從新設計www.harvesthaven.org網站。

因為新冠疫情的關係,「喜禾」所有服務被迫暫停。而且, 我們預定於2020年9月13日(星期日)在Cerritos的Sheraton Hotel舉行的第十六屆籌款晚會亦被取消。「 喜禾社區服務中心」沒有任何政府資助,即使我們不能完全開放服務, 所有運營費用如租金、員工薪金、各樣保險費及電費等等仍然需要支付,故此仍然需要大家在這艱難時期的支持。

因此, 我們誠意邀請閣下參與,成為「喜禾」的贊助者之一。如若閣下接納同意,我們將深感榮幸。今年的贊助者共分四種:鑽石贊助者 ($3000) 、白金贊助者 ($1500)、金贊助者($1000)、銀贊助者(500),贊助者在「喜禾」網頁及會址的贊助商銘謝版上全年銘謝。如果閣下今年不擬做贊助者,可以做 $200愛心捐助者,亦可隨意捐助支持, 數目多少不拘。所有捐款支票請寄本中心,年底將寄上收據,以便閣下作扣稅之用。

謝謝閣下的關注。願神祝福大家平安快樂! 身體健康!

「喜禾社區服務中心」董事會/同工  謹上