July七月號 2022

July七月號 2022

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Dear Friends,

Great news!! Harvest Haven’s Cantonese Senior Program will finally move from online meetings to meetings at our Center starting July 13.  For now, we will only meet on the second and fourth Wednesdays from 10am to noon.  On the fourth Wednesdays of each month, our speakers will be Dr. Wayland Ma and Annielee  Ma. Dr. Ma is a renowned doctor in Pathology who has invented almost 30 pathological laboratory patented products.  Annielee is a health scientist who specializes in natural food therapy.  They will talk about ways to improve our immune systems, which is highly essential during this pandemic time.  These workshops are free, so do come join us and bring your friends!  

Beginning July 8th, class time for our ESL/Citizenship class will change to Fridays from 2-5pm. Our new teacher, Dr. Esther Qu, is a formal college professor.  Do come join the class if you want to improve your English.  Currently, we are in need of a tutor to teach basic computer skills and to teach seniors how to use smart phones and tablets.  In addition, if you have a special skill and would like to start a special interest class at Harvest Haven, please contact us.  If you know any instructors looking for a facility to start their classes, Harvest Haven has different size rooms that might be able to fit their needs.  Please kindly refer them to us.

This pandemic has been with us for over two years now.  Harvest Haven did our best to continue our services while trying to keep everyone safe. Unable to have our yearly fundraising event for three years now, Harvest Haven is having a very difficult time trying to make ends meet. We are extremely grateful that some kind hearted people have sent us checks or even brought them to our Center even before we send out our Annual Fundraising letters.  One person continued to bring us some gift/prize items for our event use.  We are forever grateful for all your generous support and deeply touched by the love you bestowed.  These kindness and love are what pushed us to continue to serve the community and to touch other people’s lives even in the hardest of times!

We would like to wish everyone a Happy July 4th weekend! Enjoy the summer and stay safe!! 

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